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The 40WM is a mono audio amplifier that is powered by real vacuum tubes. For audiophiles who know better, tube amplifiers are coveted for their rich and warm sound, with pleasing even-ordered harmonics that take the harsh edge off digital gear like DVD, CD, and Blu-Ray players.

• Fully Enclosed – Kid safe
• VU meter – Input Level monitoring
• Solid Aluminum Knobs
• Convenient Power Switch in Front
• 5 Input Selection Knob
• BackLight brightness control.
• Ultrawide band output transformer
• Designed and assembled in USA

Input Impedance - RCA/6.35mm Phone jack/3.5mm Phone Jack: 105Kohms
Input Sensitivity - RCA/6.35mm Phone jack/3.5mm Phone Jack: 300mV
Pre-amplifier Gain: 0-+11dBu
Main amplifier Gain: 28dB
Negative Feedback: -5dB (Main AMP)
Maximum Output Power into 4 ohms: 40W
Signal to Noise Ratio - Ref. 1W: 44dB (12mV noise,
Pre-gain max, Volume max, Un A-weighted)
THD+noise @ 1W: 0.43%
Frequency Response at 40W full power:
Pre-amplifier Gain Min: 20Hz-160KHz@-3dB
Pre-amplifier Gain Max: 10Hz-100KHz@-3dB
Frequency Response at 5W into 4 ohms:
Pre-amplifier Gain Min: 10Hz-80KHz@-3dB
Pre-amplifier Gain Max: 20Hz-50KHz@-3dB
Recommended Speaker Load: 4 ohms – 8 ohms
Power Consumption (idle): 108W (120VAC x 1.5A)
Power Consumption (at Full Power 40W x 2): 120W (120VAC x 2A)
Operating Mains Voltage: 120VAC
Mains Voltage Frequency: 60Hz
Pre-amplifier Tubes:
Input Vacuum Tube: 12AX7B
Output Vacuum Tube: 12AU7
Main amplifier Tubes:
Input Vacuum Tube: 12AU7
Driver Vacuum Tube: 6SN7GT
Output Vacuum Tubes: (2) EL34
Rear panel fuse values & types for: T2AL/250VAC 5mm x 20mm
AC board fuse values & types for: T1AL/250VAC x 4 5mm x 20mm
Dimensions: W340mm(13.386”) x H280mm(11.024”) x D377mm(14.843”)
Shipping weight each: 20kg

**specifications are for reference ONLY. We change the specifications from time to time to make improvements to our products.**
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