XLRM-XLRM Audio Cable
Available in 5', 10', 15', and 20' lengths

Sunburst Cables are designed to ensure the highest level of connectivity and the least degree of signal degradation available, all without the ultra-high price tag that you expect from premium-quality cables. With features like 24K Gold-plated connectors to redundant shielding and braided nylon jacketing, Sunburst offers both professional-quality audio signal transport along with long-term reliability. Ideal for connecting analog audio components throughout your system, Sunburst Cables are available in a variety of connectors and cable lengths to fit all of your audio needs

• Amphenol connectors feature 24K Gold-plated contact points
• Heavy Duty copper cores, waiting to deliver your music
• Redundant shielding for less interference onstage and in the studio
• Heavy Duty braided jacketing over PVC skins, for rugged durability
• Connector Type A: XLR Male 3-pin
• Connector Type B: XLR Male 3-pin
• One year warranty
• Designed and assembled in USA

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